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The Ogeechee tupelo (white tupelo). The official name of the Ogeechee tupelo is (Nyssa ogeche Bartram) which comes from the name of a river in Georiga (Ogeechee) The tupelo region of northwest Florida is a area along both sides of the Apalachicola, Chipola and Oclocknee rivers stretching over five counties, Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin, Liberty and Wakulla. This area some 15 to 20 miles wide and 100 miles long, forms the lower reaches of the Chattahoochee River system, adjoining the Gulf of Mexico on the south. It is here that the world’s chief supply of tupelo honey is made. There several different species of tupelo (black tupelo, Nyssa sylvatica and water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica) These are much taller than the Ogeechee that grow along the riverbanks. The tupelo gum tree grows profusely in the swamps and river bottoms of Northwest Florida. It also grows in different areas in the world but not consecrated like in Florida. Only the skilled experience beekeeper knows the crucial timing of the budding tupelo so to get a pure grade honey.

    Tupelo trees are in the deep swamps of Florida and are pesticide free. Tupelo honey is organic.

Tupelo gum trees grows along the river banks of the Apalachicola, Chipola and Oclocknee rivers