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Genuine Tupelo honey is a naturally organic, high-grade honey of superior quality.
Its light, golden amber color with a slight greenish tinge has a unique delicate flavor of tupelo-smooth,
without a strong aftertaste.

Tupelo's unique hygroscopic properties kills bacteria,
prevents it from granulating (turning sugary) and extending its shelf life for years.
Ordinary honey must be processed (filtered & heated)to prevent granulation,
causing it to lose flavor and its natural nutrients. Tupelo honey requires no processing.
It is for these reasons tupelo honey is prized by honey connoisseurs and casual honey enjoyers alike.

However, not all honey labeled "tupelo" is top-quality,
pure tupelo honey- as the bees make it and as skilled beekeepers produce it.
Other honey plants such as black tupleo/black gum, ti-ti and willow,
bloom ahead of the white tupelo and are used to strengthen bee colonies.
Honey produced from these other sources is a darker, lower grade honey that will granulate,
and is sold as a bakery honey. Some honey, while light in color similar to tupelo honey,
may have a high percentage of gallberry. Gallberry blooms right after tupelo.
As with the darker, bakery honey, this will also soon granulate.
Other honey is labeled as a blend such as "tupelo-wildflower."
Don't pay a premium price for an inferior product.

At Tupelo Honey3 we lab test our honey every year to ensure purity.
We bottle it by hand and inspect each one to provide our customers with the highest quality product.
Our Tupelo Honey3 is truly the Cadillac of all honey.

Tupelo Honey3 is a high grade honey that will not sugar or granulate.
All of our Tupelo honey is raw, organic, and unheated.