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When traveling the coastal highway 98 in the Florida panhandle you will come to a small area called Newport in Wakulla county.
If you are coming from Perry this will be the oasis you was looking for after a 45 minute long stretch of vast woodlands.
As you approach Newport the first sign of civilization will be TUPELO HONEY 1 MILE, and CANE SYRUP, MAYHAW JELLY,
after a about a hundred feet or so you will see TUPELO HONEY, ITS DIFFERENT.
As there is excitement in the air you will come to a bridge that crosses over the beautiful St. Marks river.
When you start to look at all the unique Florida greenery you will see in your path a banner in large letters TUPELO HONEY,
a truck with bottles of Tupelo Honey, Cane Syrup, Mayhaw Jelly on the hood. Sitting in a chair will be Mr. Bozeman.
Mr. Bozeman has been a very close friend of dad and the family for many years.
He has been the most dependable, helpful and a blessing to the Owen family .
Look up and see Preston Bozeman setting up his stand at the corner of highway 98 and 267 on Google Earth at this location. . .

Travel the scenic route of highway 98 in Newport, Florida. Roadside stand and see Preston Bozeman. -St. Pete Times.