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When traveling the coastal highway 98 in the Florida panhandle you will come to a small area called Newport in Wakulla county.
If you are coming from Perry this will be the oasis you was looking for after a 45 minute long stretch of vast woodlands.
As you approach Newport the first sign of civilization will be TUPELO HONEY 1 MILE, and CANE SYRUP, MAYHAW JELLY,
after a about a hundred feet or so you will see TUPELO HONEY, ITS DIFFERENT.
As there is excitement in the air you will come to a bridge that crosses over the beautiful St. Marks river.
When you start to look at all the unique Florida greenery you will see in your path a banner in large letters TUPELO HONEY,
a truck with bottles of Tupelo Honey, Cane Syrup, Mayhaw Jelly on the hood. Sitting in a chair will be Mr. Bozeman.
Mr. Bozeman has been a very close friend of dad and the family for many years.
He has been the most dependable, helpful and a blessing to the Owen family .
Look up and see Preston Bozeman setting up his stand at the corner of highway 98 and 267 on Google Earth at this location.

Travel the scenic route of highway 98 in Newport, Florida. Roadside stand and see Preston Bozeman. -St. Pete Times.